Honey harvest 2020. Our "Treasures"

This is a very successful beekeeping season. Honey plants nectar between themselves with sufficient time apart, which allows the bees to focus their full attention on one plant species. This will make it easier for beekeepers to obtain pure quality honey...

... we are already happy with this year's rapeseed honey from the apiary in Otmuchów in the Opole region and acacia honey from the apiary in Lipka Wielka in Greater Poland. What's more, you can now buy fresh, light-colored bee pollen, which comes from the spring harvest, mainly from rapeseed flowers.

We are still patiently waiting for the bees to finish working on the currently nectaring linden tree, and in September, with good winds, we will obtain honey from coniferous honeydew from Podhale :-)

We would like to remind you, dear gourmets, that our honey always comes from an apiary under veterinary supervision. The bees that produce honey from them are fed only with natural raw materials (nectar and honeydew)... You will not find any "artificial additives" in our honey.

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