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Dumplings Biłgorajski

Dumplings Biłgorajski

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        Dumplings Biłgorajski

        Pieróg Biłgorajski, one of the most fascinating and interesting dishes in Polish regional cuisine, was almost unknown in the country. Until recently, only the inhabitants of a small area around Biłgoraj and a handful of gourmets in Lublin who knew the benefits of this dumpling could enjoy its taste. It is a special type of pancake or pâté whose main ingredient is buckwheat. In addition, the Biłgoraj dumplings contain grated potatoes, cottage cheese and various other additions, such as eggs, mushrooms and smoked meat. This is one of the advantages of this dish - you can add almost anything you like to the basic products. However, there is an opinion that the most exquisite dumplings are made from simple ingredients.

        On September 28, 2005 , dumpling Biłgorajski was included in the list of traditional products in the category of bakery and confectionery products : "Pieróg (Piróg) Biłgorajski" (Lublin Voivodeship).

        What does Biłgorajski dumpling look like?

        Its appearance resembles a pâté, in which the outer coating is delicately baked and its color varies from straw to light brown, and in the cross-section you can see small fragments of ingredients forming a uniform mass. The shapes of Biłgoraj dumplings can take various forms, from round to rectangular. In home ovens, it is most often baked in large rectangular trays, while smaller dumplings of the same shape are available commercially.

        The consistency of the dumpling is uniform and compact, with a fleshy mass that easily breaks or crumbles. Its aroma is a combination of the smell of boiled potatoes and buckwheat, while its flavor is usually enriched with sour white cheese, cracklings and spices, especially mint.

        Pierogi ingredients

        Dumpling Biłgorajski is baked without a crust - then it is called "bald", or in a crust made of yeast dough.

        Filling composition :

        • buckwheat groats,
        • mashed potatoes,
        • fatty cottage cheese,
        • eggs and
        • cream.

        The filling of the dumplings may also include:

        • mint,
        • lard and
        • bacon.

        How to serve dumplings Biłgorajski?

        It can be consumed cold or warmed with pickled cucumbers, but fans of this delicacy unanimously believe that the best effect is achieved when it is cut into slices and fried in butter. However, many people say that it should be served the next day after baking and topped with thick cream. So there are many possibilities

        Biłgorajski dumpling from the "Bryła" bakery

        The product we offer was created in the family bakery "Bryła", which has been operating for 37 years in Biłgoraj in the Lublin region. It is baked using a traditional method just before shipping. When the courier knocks on your door, place the dumpling in the refrigerator, so its "life" will be a little longer. The order processing time is 3-5 business days.

        Note : If the order includes several products, shipping takes place after the longest deadline.


        Libra: 500 g
        packaging: eco-friendly wrapping paper

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