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Eco candles made of beeswax - 2 pcs.

Eco candles made of beeswax - 2 pcs.

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        Eco Candle made of beeswax - 2 pcs.

        Eco candles made of beeswax look exceptionally elegant and original. Made of 100% natural beeswax, they delight with their velvety shine and natural yellow color, which darkens over time and adds a unique, classy expression. Beeswax has been used for centuries to make candles, which were once used only during religious ceremonies or to illuminate interiors in the richest homes.

        Wax candles handmade by our factory are no different from products from ancient times.

        Eco Candles made of beeswax - health-promoting effects

        Beeswax candles burn without smoke and contain only natural ingredients in the form of wax and a cotton wick. They do not contain paraffin, stearin or other chemical substances. For this reason, they are completely safe for people with allergies and small children. The health-promoting and relaxing properties of wax candles have been known for many years. The delicate aroma of honey and propolis they emit creates a microclimate conducive to the fight against upper respiratory tract diseases, runny nose and breathing problems. Its beneficial effect will be felt not only by allergy sufferers, but also by asthmatics. Wax candles also regulate blood pressure and have a calming, relaxing effect, having a beneficial effect on the nervous system. When lit in the bedroom, they make it easier to fall asleep and guarantee healthy sleep. A great way to create a mini-SPA is to bathe in the light of our Smooth Males placed in the bathroom.

        Clean air in your home

        Once lit, wax candles purify the air in the room, eliminating dust mites, dust, mold and various microorganisms. The aroma of a lit wax candle absorbs unpleasant odors and cigarette smoke. It negatively ionizes the air, thereby eliminating the effects of electromagnetic radiation generated by home electronics and electrical devices. For aromatherapy purposes, burn wax candles every day for 15 to 60 minutes.


        composition: 100% beeswax (beeswax)
        height: 11 cm
        diameter: 4 cm
        approximate burning time: 7 hours


        2 pcs. beeswax candles



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