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Natural micro and macro elements straight from the hive.

What are bee products?

The bee family produces not only honey but other products that ensure its survival. Each bee plays a specific role in the hive. We are lucky that bee products are perfectly absorbed by the human body and help keep us healthy (homeostasis). Apitherapy is a scientific field that constantly provides us with knowledge about the effects of individual bee products on our health.

Bee's milkis produced by young hive bees. It is used to feed the larvae, the youngest bees and the queen. As a dietary supplement, it helps increase fertility in women and men. Increases libido and improves memory and concentration.

Propolisit is produced by older bees and is used to disinfect and mummify unwanted guests in the hive. It makes the hive as sterile as an operating room. As a dietary supplement, it has strong bactericidal, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is worth taking it in the form of drops during strong viral and bacterial infections.

Bee pollencollected by flying bees and then combined with bee enzymes, they constitute a source of protein in the diet of the bee family. They act as a vitamin bomb in the human diet. It is the best source of vitamins that we can provide to our body. Created by nature, not by synthesis in a medical laboratory.

Bee bee breadit is made from bee pollen but undergoes a lactic process in bee cells, thanks to which bee bread has several times stronger effects than bee pollen. Bee bee bread is like pickled cucumbers. In the human diet, it is a source of vitamins and supports the treatment of drug-resistant depression. It quickly improves blood supply to the entire body, including the brain.

Bee's venomit is used to defend the bee's own against pests. In a dangerous situation, the bee uses its sting to introduce a toxin (bee venom) into the entire victim. Because ofrich chemical composition of bee venom, apitherapy recommends using it for treatmentrheumatic diseases,degenerative,post-traumaticmuscles and joints. Creams with the addition of bee venom work fantasticallypainful and overloaded joints. They are a brilliant option for athletes who train andthey struggle with injuries. This ointment has excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

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