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Beeswax candles. They could not be missing because they complement the treatment of the human body with bee products (apitherapy).

    Our candles

    What makes them different from traditional paraffin candles?

    They are 100% natural and ecological.

    Our candles are made of beeswax straight from the apiary. We only use natural beeswax to make the candlebeautiful golden color.

    Contains natural beeswaxessential oils, which emit a beautiful honey-propolis scent when burned.

    Beeswax burns without releasing any toxic toxins into the air.

    Our beeswax has a therapeutic effect: it neutralizes the smell of tobacco smoke and the so-called electrosmog, which is produced by televisions, computer monitors, phones and tablets.

    Burnt beeswax produces negative ions, which cause any impurities and dust accumulated in the air to fall to the ground and be easier to remove.

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