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Try our natural honey straight from the apiary.

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    Have you ever bought honey that had the wrong consistency and taste? You felt that there was "something" wrong with this product, but how were you supposed to know about it?

    If so, you're in the right place. Honey lump is a space where you can buy unique and 100% natural honey, coming from unique geographical regions of Poland.

    The hearts of our customers have already been stolen by Heather Honey from the Lower Silesian Forests and Honeydew Honey from the Roztocze National Park.

    Before they are placed in a jar with the Bryła Miodu logo, which is a kind of quality certificate, our bee products are tested at the accredited Bee Products Laboratory in Puławy.

    What sets us apart from the competition? Not only the unique taste of real and natural honey but, above all, their health effects on our body.

    Only natural honey that has undergone proper processing in accordance with the art of beekeeping and then been properly stored is classified as medicinal products (apitherapy).

    What honey tests do we perform?

    • Disatase number- this parameter provides us with knowledge about the content of bee enzymes in honey. It shows whether honey is biologically active, i.e. whether it has health properties for our body. The higher the distaz number, the better the quality of the honey. Moreover, this parameter provides knowledge whether the honey has not been heated, overheated or improperly stored.
    • Pollen analysis- thanks to the pollen content in honey (percentage), we can determine with 100% certainty what type of honey it is.

    What should you know about our honey?

    • We obtain our honey from Polish farmers who put a lot of effort and heart into not lowering the quality of honey and at the same time taking care of bee families.
    • Apiary farms producing honey are directly under veterinary supervision and have permission to sell and package honey, e.g. in the form of direct sales or agricultural retail trade (RHD). The document proves that the apiary meets the conditions for obtaining and packaging honey.
    • Our honeys are bottled using this methodrawraw without heat treatment
    • Our honey-like products are made with the addition of ginger, orange and lime exported from Italy, which is why their taste is so unique and unique. Once opened, keep them in the refrigerator.
    • Honey, pollen and bee bread are very delicate and sensitive products. You should know how to store them properly so that they retain their taste and health benefits. Come here and get acquaintedhow to properly store honey.

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