In this section of our store, we offer gift sets for companies interested in an elegant and practical way to distinguish employees, customers or business partners. The proposed sets have nothing to do with advertising, they have a personal character and promote a healthy and ecological lifestyle.


  • Individual design of a set to order
  • Graphic service, preparation of stickers and labels
  • Logo print on a spoon or honey bag
  • We provide transport of the order
  • Logistics minimum to be agreed
  • We issue a VAT invoice
  • Complete set decoration: filling the box with hay, products and applying stickers, securing the sets for transport

Why are gifts for employees important?

Gifts for employees are a way to let them know that they are not looked at only through the prism of their duties. They prove that the company perceives them as people whose efforts are appreciated. An excellent option are gifts with, for example, a name printed on them or even ones that correspond to the interests of the recipient. It is often difficult to know each employee so well, so the best solution are universal gifts that evoke pleasant feelings. They work much better than advertising gadgets with a company logo.

  • Strengthening bonds

    Employees for whom the boss is not only a distant person higher in the hierarchy are more willing to spend time at work and show greater commitment. A superior who not only demands, but also knows how to appreciate his subordinates, e.g. by giving gifts, makes them feel not only as cogs in the company's machinery.

  • Greater commitment

    Such appreciation translates into greater commitment. Christmas gifts for employees, birthday gifts or awards make them feel important and more willing to take on new challenges.

  • Greater satisfaction

    When an employee feels that the effort is actually paying off, he or she will be more satisfied with the results and will be more willing to continue working.

  • A way to appreciate successes

    Gifts can be given to employees not only on holidays or birthdays. It's also a great way to reward them for the results they achieve. In such a case, verbal praise is not enough, so a gift may be a good idea.

Gifts not only for employees

Our gift sets are also perfect for showing gratitude to regular customers or contractors for long-term contacts. Apart from the issue of recipients' satisfaction, such gifts also influence the company's image and the way it is perceived by the business environment.

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