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Propolis tincture 20%

Propolis tincture 20%

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Propolis tincture 20%

Propolis tincture is known primarily for the fact that it perfectly supports immunity, especially in the autumn and winter. It is worth considering using it prophylactically to enable the body to build a strong protective barrier against infections. It can also be an effective remedy when we are already sick, because it mobilizes the body's defense mechanisms and increases the effectiveness of antibiotics. Propolis tincture is also an effective remedy used for skin diseases and as a support for wound healing.

Propolis tincture - a few words about its main ingredient

About 20% of the tincture content is propolis. It is a substance produced by bees, consisting of their own secretions and resins collected from buds and young shoots of trees. Bees use propolis to seal the walls of the hive and eliminate smaller holes. With the help of propolis, insects also reduce the size of holes in the hive before the onset of winter, ensuring a constant interior temperature and an aseptic environment that eliminates unwanted microorganisms.

The active compounds contained in the main ingredient of our propolis tincture have antiseptic, bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Thanks to these properties, propolis has been used since ancient times to disinfect and dress wounds, cuts, burns and bruises. Currently, propolis is widely used in both natural and conventional medicine, and many preparations are made on its basis, such as alcohol extracts, ointments and tablets. This type of health-promoting products also includes propolis tincture containing 20% ​​of valuable bee products.

Propolis tincture in folk medicine

Propolis tincture was widely used in folk medicine, acting as an equivalent of today's antibiotics. It was used for colds, flu, angina and various bacterial and viral infections of the respiratory system. It was also effective in treating cough, joint pain and sore throat, as well as infections of the mouth, digestive system and skin.

Propolis tincture is the best way to use its properties

Extracting bioactive substances from propolis with alcohol is the method that gives the best effect. Only after extraction can these ingredients have a beneficial effect on our health, because in the propolis itself they are indigestible and inactive. Therefore, this bee product is not consumed in raw form or made into solutions because it does not dissolve in water. Propolis tincture has high health-promoting potential, including: in relation to strengthening the body's immunity. Previous research has shown that propolis has antimicrobial activity against a wide spectrum of bacteria and fungi, such as Candida yeasts and H. python , S. aureus , E. coli , Salmonella and L. monocytogenes bacteria .

Propolis tincture - health-promoting properties

  • Propolis tincture has a beneficial effect on our immunity. The active substances it contains destroy bacteria, fungi and parasites by damaging their cell membranes and reducing their motility. As for viruses, it limits their ability to attach to the cells they attack. Propolis tincture also stimulates our body's natural defense mechanisms in the fight against invaders.
  • Propolis tincture supports anti-inflammatory processes, which speeds up healing. It can be used both internally (e.g. in case of inflammation of the mouth, throat, lungs or digestive system) and externally (in case of skin inflammation).
  • Propolis and its products are also used for tissue healing. It is therefore worth using them to support the treatment of e.g. stomach and duodenal ulcers, as well as various wounds, cuts, burns and other skin problems.

Propolis tincture - dosage and method of use


Daily dose for an adult: 20-35 drops a day with warm water with lemon or tea.


For brushing skin affected by mycosis, herpes and bacterial infection. After dilution (one teaspoon per half a glass of water), it can also be used for skin compresses.


  • propolis - 20%
  • ethyl alcohol - 80%


  • Propolis tincture is not a medicine - it is a health-promoting apiary product.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  • Propolis tincture cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet.
  • It is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 3 years of age.


· capacity: 30 ml
· packaging: 30 ml glass bottle with a pipette
· expiry date: given on the label is also the batch number

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Nalewka propolisowa 10%

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Genialny naturalny antybiotyk. Doskonale uodparnia, niweluje stany zapalne i dobrze działa na nasze jelita. Produkt polecam w 100%. Must have w sezonie zimowym i nie tylko.

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