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Health properties of linden honey

In the beekeeping community, linden honey is considered the healthiest of all bee honeys. Are the health properties of linden honey really so great as to deserve the title of the healthiest honey?

Pure linden honey is produced when the predominance of linden pollen exceeds 50%. Despite the numerous linden forests in Poland, it is not easy to obtain real linden honey. We are 100% sure when the honey is laboratory tested. Nevertheless, there are several features characteristic of this variety.

How to recognize real linden honey?

In its liquid state, its color and consistency resembles castor oil. However, after crystallization, it is very light, slightly creamy with a grayish tint. It has a quite strong and very characteristic scent, described by some beekeepers as similar to mint. The crystallization process takes place after two months, but to maintain a more flowing consistency, simply place the jar in a bowl of warm water (temperature up to 40 degrees).

Health properties of linden honey

Rightly considered the healthiest honey because it has antibiotic and calming properties. Thanks to the linden pollen it contains, it has numerous health properties. Among other things, it has a diaphoretic, expectorant and strong warming effect. Therefore, during colds it supports the treatment of cough, bronchitis and insomnia. To enhance the effects, it is worth consuming it in combination with linden herb infusion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTU-qEta-t8

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