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Beeswax cake candles

Beeswax cake candles. Today I'm writing about our "cherry" on the cake, and more specifically, our cake candles . This is another novelty and a "must have" on a birthday cake. These little things are made by hand from 100% ecological ingredients : cotton wick and natural beeswax. They do not contain paraffin, stearin or other artificial substances.

Eco Cake Candles made of Beeswax

Beeswax - what is it?

Beeswax is entirely produced by bees. It is used by them to create bee cells in which they lay eggs, store bee pollen, bee bread, etc. Beeswax is not edible in the human diet, but it can be chewed, which has a positive effect on our teeth. However, it is widely used in cosmetology, including for the treatment of skin wounds and burns.

Candles made of this material do not emit harmful substances that can penetrate our cake, so they are a healthy version of artificial candles.

Our little "beauties" burn evenly and until the very end. Additionally, they emit a pleasant honey scent.

Happy birthday :-)

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