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Partner stores with our honey

Dear customers. You are asking where you can buy our bee products in-store. We have prepared a list of points with our offer for you.


Hummus Amamamusi

In Krakow's Kazimierz at ul. Meiselsa 4 is the Hummus Amamamusi restaurant with the best humus and Middle Eastern cuisine dishes in Poland. Inside the premises, find a shelf with products from local healthy food producers. There is also our honey straight from the apiary .


BREAKING BREAD - a craft bakery baking traditional bread on site using its own sourdough. Located in Krakow at ul. M. Stachowskiego 4 (Pianissimo building) in close proximity to Galeria Kazimierz . In addition to delicious baked goods, you will also receive our honey and beeswax candles straight from the apiary.


Delikatesy 13 on the main square

In the heart of the Krakow market square there is DELIKATESY 13 with exquisite products from all over the world. DELIKATESY 13 imports spices, precious oils, balsamic vinegars, truffles, foie-gras and other delicacies directly for its customers. In addition, the store is stocked with high-quality products from local suppliers, including a wide selection of all our honey and other bee products straight from our apiary.

Essence Bistro at ul. Nadwiślańska 11

ESSENCE BISTRO at ul. Nadwiślańska 11. Bar with quick snacks, soups and pastes. Here you can eat truly delicious sandwiches made from selected products from all over the world. Moreover, the owner serves good coffee at a fair price. In the bistro you will find a shelf with good wine, olive oil from an Italian farmer and our honey straight from the apiary . Be sure to visit them.

Essence Bistro ul. Nadwiślańska 11
Essence Bistro ul. Nadwiślańska 11


VITKAC- Delikatesy 13

Delikatesy 13 in the VITKAC department store at ul. Bracka in Warsaw has been our partner for several years. On the delicatessen shelves you will find a wide range of products from all over the world. DELIKATESY 13 branch in Warsaw - a continuation of the Krakow concept - this time in a modern setting in the very center of Warsaw. A place where you can buy and taste products available only here - specially arranged tables encourage you to taste delicatessen delicacies. Moreover, our honey is here.

VITKAC-Delikatesy 13 in Warsaw
VITKAC-Delikatesy 13 in Warsaw

The bakery WILL BE FINE

BAKERY BE DOBRZE - this is an absolutely unique bakery with good bread in Old Mokotów. Inside the cozy bakery there are also products from good Polish suppliers, including our honey.



JAROSZEK I SONI, a cold meat shop in the heart of Radom. This is our first location in this city. Our honeys were very well received by the store's customers. We invite you for stationary shopping at ul. Moniuszki 6 A in Radom.


Company Store "BRYŁA"

The family bakery "Bryła" has been operating on the local market for over 35 years. In the company store located at ul. Zamojska 20, you can buy bread baked with traditional sourdough. In addition to baked goods and Roztocze Maka, you can buy our selected honey and other bee products.

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