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There is no lime

In beekeeping, not every year is the same. Unfortunately, this season was not successful for linden honey. During the linden flowering period, there was cooling and a lot of rainfall. The deterioration of the weather at the beginning of July hindered the proper nectaring of the linden tree and the work of bees collecting pollen and nectar. Moreover, frosts that appeared in early spring weakened the trees that were blooming at that time.

Another reason for this year's crop failure is the negative impact of the 5G network. Opponents believe that the installation of the 5G network has disrupted the work of bees and led to a reduction in their population.

Ultimately, there is less linden honey throughout Poland. This makes the price per kilogram much higher than last year. Beekeepers are "wringing their hands" because they are perfectly aware of how valuable this species is. Due to its healing effects, it is very desirable during the autumn and winter period.

This year's variety has already appeared in our online store. Our linden honey comes straight from a bee farm in the Opole region. The apiary in Otmuchów is under full veterinary supervision, which guarantees that the honey is a natural bee product.

We invite you to enjoy its taste :-)

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