Napa z melisy i miodu akacjowego

Infusion with acacia honey

Infusion of lemon balm and acacia honey to calm down. It sounds surprising but it's true. Almost everyone knows that lemon balm has a soothing and sleep-inducing effect, but few people know that acacia honey helps with difficulty falling asleep and inner anxiety.

Below is the recipe for a calming drink:

Steep the lemon balm leaves in boiling water, covered. Then, after the infusion has cooled down, add a spoonful of acacia honey. Please remember that the temperature cannot exceed 45 degrees. Otherwise, all the health properties of honey will "evaporate".

Napa with lemon balm and acacia honey

By the way, I will share with you an interesting fact. Well, research on the health properties of honey proves that acacia honey helps fight hyperacidity. And all this thanks to its alkaline properties. Just dissolve one teaspoon of acacia honey in warm water and consume 30 minutes before a meal. We repeat this action 3 times a day for 4 weeks.

Cheers :-)

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