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Only use royal jelly straight from the hive

Royal jelly, next to bee pollen , bee bread and honey , is the most valuable element of the bees' diet. Often called the Elixir of Life, produced by worker bees to feed young bees and the queen bee.

The type of bee that will be created depends mainly on the length of days of feeding with royal jelly. Well, the queen bee is the only one who is fed with it for her whole life, and the other bees (workers and drones) only for a few days. Thanks to royal jelly, the Queen is larger (she has a reproductive system through which she is responsible for the development of the bee family) and is the only one who lives to be 5 years old, while the other bees only live to a few weeks!

Royal jelly in the human diet

In the beekeeping world, royal jelly is considered a love elixir. Moreover, every beekeeper knows perfectly well that royal jelly drunk straight from the hive is perfect for erection problems .

In the human diet, there is an unimaginable dose of vitamins and a strong nutritional effect. Below we present some selected properties.

  • Improves libido in women
  • Reduces the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women
  • Supports the treatment of drug-resistant depression
  • Provides energy - reduces fatigue
  • It has a strong bactericidal effect
  • Supports erection and fertility in men

Royal jelly only straight from the apiary

Royal jelly on the market reaches incredible prices, so do not be fooled by producers offering it for retail sale, because the value of the nutrient decreases to negligible amounts just a few dozen hours after being taken from the hive.

Therefore, we recommend going to the apiary and asking the beekeeper to drink royal jelly directly from the queen cells (directly from the hive).

Freeze-dried royal jelly.

For people who, for various reasons, cannot go to the apiary, I recommend freeze-dried milk. When subjected to the freeze-drying process, it retains the most valuable vitamins. I sincerely advise against fresh royal jelly, closed in a jar. It is expensive and, unfortunately, loses its health properties after 72 hours. More about royal jelly can be found here .

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