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Honeydew honey from the Beskid Wyspowy

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For bees to create honey from coniferous honeydew, there must be an appropriate nutrient base. In other words, it is the raw material from which the bees will ultimately produce honey.

The area around the Beskid Wyspowy is a unique place on the map of Poland, where there are excellent geographical conditions for the appearance of honeydew. This is the area with the largest concentration and density of coniferous trees such as spruce and fir, etc.

The saturation of silver fir forests here is the highest in Poland (fir forests of the Beskid Wyspowy). The honeydew from this region is so perfect because the fir trees extract water, mineral salts and trace elements from the soil, introducing them into the plant sap, which is the raw material for the production of honeydew. Only in the soils of the Beskid Wyspowy there are such high amounts of valuable ingredients.

But starting from the very beginning. What exactly is honeydew?


To put it "ugly", honeydew is the excrement of worms (parasites) that drink sap from trees. This sticky resin attracts bees with its sweet smell, and they produce honey from it. Depending on the trees honeydew occurs on, we divide it into deciduous and coniferous.
Honeydew honey is a real treat for a honey connoisseur. Due to its absolute rarity, honey of this particular variety commands a correspondingly high price.

HOW much does honeydew honey cost?

Dark honeys are usually healthier and more expensive. Honeydew honey in particular. This is due to the fact that honeydew (raw material) occurs rarely, even every few years. In addition, obtaining honey by a beekeeper is more labor-intensive due to its sticky and thick consistency.

Our harvest - such honeydew was worth waiting several years for

This year we received pure honey from coniferous honeydew from the Beskid Wyspowy Mountains with a predominance of fir. The apiary where the honey was collected remains under veterinary supervision, located in Słopnice near Limanowa.

Honey of this variety is characterized by a dark color (black turning to dark green) and a mild taste. Moreover, like heather honey, they contain very large amounts of nutrients: mineral salts, organic acids, enzymes and inhibins.

Honeydew Honey

The honey was collected by Mr. Józef Zborowski (Master of Beekeeping No. 42-1/2003/IN) and is now available in our store: -island-3/ . The profile of this beekeeper deserves a few words. Apart from beekeeping, which is what he does every day, he also helps people in need. He performs a number of health treatments in the field of natural medicine. The most popular ones include leeching, ear waxing, and massages (including honey). Moreover, he helps in difficult life situations through prayer. If you are interested in helping Mr. Józef, please visit:

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