ramka pszczela z komórką pszczelą na białym tle

Honey from a flowering acacia

It's a beautiful June, the acacia is already blooming and the bees are collecting nectar from it to create acacia honey... but before we can enjoy the taste, the honey must mature in the bee combs, then be collected by the beekeeper and sent for testing. The road is long, but the taste rewards the hardships 👌👏🏻 Only when it is proven, it finally ends up in our jar.

Flowering acacia honey - properties

I would like to briefly introduce you to the nutritional properties of acacia honey. It is mainly appreciated by consumers for its prolonged crystallization process. This is the longest domestic honey remaining in liquid form. So if you don't like scraping honey from the jar, this is perfect for you.

Honey from blooming acacia - children love sweets.

It is also perfect for children. Why ? Children love sweets, and we adults can provide them with a healthy version of sweets. Instead of the commonly used beet sugar, we can use acacia honey . It is the sweetest and most delicate-tasting honey produced by Polish bees, which is why apitherapy recommends exactly this type of honey for our children.

Honey for heartburn?

Sugar for heartburn? It sounds strange, but research shows that acacia honey, thanks to its alkaline properties, helps fight acidity. Just dissolve one teaspoon of acacia honey in warm water and consume 30 minutes before a meal - repeat the action 3 times a day for 4 weeks 👌

Honey for diabetics

Without a doubt, the greatest advantage of acacia honey is the fact that it can be used by diabetics . The high fructose content means that this variety of honey has a low glycemic index (less than 55). According to apitherapy, it is the only Polish honey that can be used by people suffering from type II diabetes (after consulting a doctor).

To my surprise , acacia honey has a very low antibiotic effect . Which, in short, means that it is not the best at fighting infections in our body. For colds and flu, linden and buckwheat flavored honey will be much more effective.

Acacia nectar honey

Acacia honey in our home pharmacy

In sum. Acacia honey should be used for;

  • intestinal inflammation
  • reflux and heartburn
  • digestive system diseases
  • stomach ulcers
  • acidity regulation
  • calming effect

Every kitchen should have acacia-flavored honey. Because who doesn't like using pouring honey for their morning oatmeal? Even if after a few months the honey slightly crystallizes (which is always a sign of good honey), after a little stirring with a spoon, it will quickly return to a liquid consistency.

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