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Rapeseed honey from Roztocze

Is! The first honey from the 2021 harvest has appeared in our online store . Rapeseed Honey from Roztocze, that's what we're talking about. Obtained from an ecologically clean region, from the very heart of the Roztocze National Park.

The apiary where the honey comes from is located in Sochy , right next to Zwierzyniec . I am very proud that we managed to obtain pure quality honey from this place in Poland, from my hometown.

The beginning of the beekeeping season this year was really difficult and stressful for both bee families and beekeepers themselves. Spring was cold and rainy. After the entire winter, the weakened bees had no food to rebuild and strengthen themselves. They were short of nectar and pollen. As soon as the warmer days came, all the plants started nectaring at the same time, which only made it more difficult for Polish beekeepers to obtain honey of one variety.

Returning to the origin of Rapeseed Honey from Roztocze, it is worth mentioning a few words about the apiary from which it was collected. The entire family of beekeepers takes care of the apiary in Roztocze. Children, grandchildren and grandparents have all been at it for almost 40 years. They are true bee enthusiasts and honey experts. They have their stationary and traveling apiaries in various places throughout the mite, thanks to which they obtain honey of various varieties: from rapeseed, buckwheat, acacia to the most desirable: honeydew from fir trees.

Rapeseed Honey from Roztocze is included in the List of Traditional Products . The Lublin region is the place where the largest area of ​​rapeseed cultivation in Poland occurs. Thanks to this, honey from this place has unique taste and medicinal values ​​typical of this variety of honey.

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