Miód na kaszel z cyryną i świeżym imbirem

Cough honey

We distinguish between a dry cough, usually occurring at the very beginning of the infection, and a wet cough that lasts for many days even after the disease has ended. Both of them are very bothersome, especially at night while sleeping. Fortunately, you can treat cough with honey.

Apitherapy recommends using honey for coughs in children and adults. The best honey to fight a troublesome cough that appears in the early phase of the disease is linden or buckwheat nectar honey . Both honeys have strong antibiotic properties. In addition , linden honey has a warming effect and has an expectorant effect . However, in the case of bark, you should use any other honey (but only natural).

Home recipes for treating cough

I have collected for you home recipes for treating cough in children and adults that everyone should know and which apitherapy also recommends. They are very simple and most of the ingredients for their preparation are always in our kitchen.

1. Honey-lemon syrup

To prepare the syrup you will need:

  • 250g - linden nectar honey
  • Juice of 1 squeezed lemon
  • 2 tablespoons of glycerin

Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Let's give the resulting mixture to the patient:

  • Adults : 3 times a day, a tablespoon
  • Children 6-12 years : 1 teaspoon daily
  • Children 12-18 years : 2 teaspoons daily

2. Cough honey with onion extract

The name does not sound very encouraging, especially since you have to use fresh onion to prepare the syrup. But it so happens that the effectiveness of treating cough with honey and fresh onion juice is high. All you need to do is cut two large onions into slices, then put them in a jar with a tight lid and pour honey over them . After a short time, the onion will release its juice. Then you need to strain the resulting syrup. The recommended dose is one tablespoon every two hours. Apiterapia recommends this recipe only for adults.

3. Cough honey with thyme leaves

Throat lozenges with thyme are often available in pharmacies. Apitherapy also recommends combining honey with thyme or mint. A home remedy for treating a sore throat is to take a spoonful of honey mixed with thyme or mint.

To prepare the mixture you will need: mortar, dried mint or thyme leaves, nectar or honeydew honey. Herb leaves should be crushed until they obtain a fine consistency. Then combine the honey with the herb (thyme or mint) in a vessel. The resulting honey-like product should be taken several times a day, one tablespoon each . Moreover, to obtain quick results , keep the mixture in your mouth as long as possible.

I hope that everyone will choose the recipe closest to their palate :-)


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