Łany gryki na Lubelszczyźnie

Buckwheat honey from the Lublin region

Buckwheat honey from the Lublin region. Buckwheat is an extremely demanding plant and difficult to grow. It is very sensitive to lack of moisture. When it is lacking, it wilts easily and does not secrete nectar. Without nectar, bees become aggressive and cannot produce honey.

Lublin region - an ideal place for growing buckwheat.

Tatarka - this is what our grandparents once called buckwheat and buckwheat honey. This is thanks to the Tatars who brought this plant to our country. It so happens that the largest areas of buckwheat cultivation are located in the south-eastern part of Poland, where Tatars once settled. It is also a place where the culture of buckwheat cultivation and the climatic and soil conditions are the best in Poland .

It is not without reason that I chose this region of Poland to look for an apiary that specializes in obtaining buckwheat honey. It so happens that this year the climatic conditions for buckwheat development were very favorable; it was very sunny and humid (due to numerous rainfall).

buckwheat honey
Buckwheat honey from the Lublin region

A visit to the apiary where buckwheat honey is produced

I would like to present a unique apiary located in Lipiny Dolne in the Lublin region . Mr. Piotr, the owner of an off-farm apiary, takes care of 50 bee families. His apiary is located in the heart of a multi-hectare expanse of buckwheat, but also goldenrod, which blooms in late summer. This is a place where time has stopped and the landscape has a typical agricultural character. Buckwheat honey from the Lublin region has a beautiful color and delicious taste. It passed a positive test result at the Bee Products Research Institute in Puławy and thus ended up in our jar :-) .

Buckwheat honey straight from the apiary
Buckwheat honey straight from the apiary

Health properties of buckwheat honey

Buckwheat honey could not be missing from our arsenal of bee products. And although the taste is spicy, sweet and sometimes burning , it is valued for its many health properties. Next to linden honey, it contains the most valuable ingredients ; a large amount of magnesium , iron , but also phosphorus , copper , zinc , boron , iodine , cobalt and nickel .

Buckwheat honey is one of the few honeys that contains vitamin C , B1 , B2 and PP . Moreover, of all Polish honeys, it contains the most enzymes ( invertase, phosphatase and Q-amylase ). Like linden honey, it has the highest antibiotic activity, which in short means that it helps fight flu and colds, and when used for prevention, it reduces the risk of the disease.

Bee combs with buckwheat honey
Bee combs with buckwheat honey
The unique role of buckwheat honey in supporting the treatment of heart diseases

A description of the special role of buckwheat honey in the treatment of all heart diseases deserves a separate paragraph - this is due to the large amount of easily absorbable magnesium . Father Eugeniusz Marciniak, an outstanding Polish supporter of apitherapy, proved in his research that magnesium contained in buckwheat honey plays a fundamental role as an antagonist of calcium ions, regulating neuromuscular excitability and tone, as well as heart rhythm.

Additionally, buckwheat honey is used for:

  • cold
  • non-insulin dependent diabetes
  • respiratory diseases
  • surgery with blood loss - affects the increase in hemoglobin
  • treatment of angina pectoris
  • treatment of heart and stomach neurosis

Buckwheat honey is so healthy that I am inclined to say that it should be more present in our home medicine cabinet than in the kitchen. It so happens that soon there will be a blog post full of recipes telling you how to use buckwheat honey for specific ailments.

Honey lump in the apiary
Honey lump in the apiary
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