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Which honey is the healthiest?

I am taking up this topic because many people ask this question. Although I think it would be more appropriate to ask: which honey is best for me specifically?

I am a true honey lover and each of our domestic varieties is truly unique. I even rebel when, in conversations with customers, I feel ignorance about rapeseed or multi-flower honey, concluding that these are "clichéd" honeys. Yes, both varieties of honey from the spring honey harvest are very common in Poland, but we cannot take away the health-promoting role they play.

Honey from early harvests for strengthening.

Rapeseed Honey supports liver regeneration and gallbladder functioning. In addition, it supports the functioning of the heart, so I recommend it for older people. Thanks to the high content of magnesium and simple sugars, it nourishes the heart muscle. However, spring multi-flower honey, including that from the summer honey harvest, is perfect for people suffering from allergies and hay fever. Why ? Because the variety of pollen found in multifloral honey (hence the name), pollen acts on the human system as an allergen. So we eat what actually causes us allergies, but the pollen contained in honey is additionally enriched with bee enzymes.

Mid-summer honey for colds.

Polish beekeepers answer the question "which honey is the healthiest?" most often they answer that it is linden honey. I somewhat agree with this opinion. Linden honey is a real medicine that should be used mainly during illness. Linden and buckwheat honey heals and supports the prevention of all viral and bacterial diseases. Both species have the highest antibiotic activity, as shown by tests of the only Institute of Bee Products in Puławy in Poland accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. In short, this means that they easily cope with existing infections in the body. Moreover, they effectively fight the multiplication of germs by protecting the lower and upper respiratory tract. Both types of honey should be in every home medicine cabinet.

Interestingly , linden honey has a calming and relaxing effect . It is worth adding it to cooled tea just before bed to ensure peaceful relaxation. Buckwheat honey is known primarily for containing a large amount of easily digestible iron . Therefore, it will be useful for people suffering from anemia and having problems with deficiency of this element.

Late harvest honey for connoisseurs.

Honey from late harvests includes, among others, very rare heather nectar honey . This is a product for a true honey connoisseur. Its taste is an absolute hit. Due to its gelatinous consistency and strong essential oils, it is a real flavor carrier. It significantly changes the taste of a culinary dish or ordinary tea. People suffering from all kinds of urinary tract ailments should consume it as part of their treatment. It has biologically active ingredients with diuretic , bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, so it is good for supporting kidney and urinary tract diseases and fighting prostate enlargement ( more on the blog ).

Honey from heather nactar
Heather honey from the Lower Silesian Forests

Goldenrod nectar honey is also a very rare variety of domestic honey. And even though goldenrod blooms in great numbers in Poland, rarely any beekeeper decides to obtain honey of this particular variety. Why ? Because, as in the case of heather honey, goldenrod is a plant that blooms late. Late summer is the time when the apiary prepares for winter. Beekeepers no longer collect honey so that the bee family can survive until spring.

What are the health properties of goldenrod honey? Undoubtedly, the main advantage of this variety is its unique taste. There is a noticeable sweetness at the beginning with a sour finish . Therefore, it will be a good option for people who do not like strongly noticeable sweetness. In addition , it unblocks blood vessels, which improves the blood supply to the body's organs , especially the kidneys and lower limbs. It contains vitamins, trace elements and bactericidal substances.

Do you already know the answer to the question which honey is the healthiest? :-)

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