granola z orzechami i miodem na desce do krojenia z płatkami kokosowymi

Granola with honey and bee pollen

You often ask me how to consume bee pollen and bee bread. Taking them can sometimes be troublesome because both the pollen and the bee bread have to be soaked or crushed in a mortar. Such preparation will increase the absorption of the vitamins they contain.

Today, we all live on the run and no one has time to "have fun" in the kitchen. Therefore, for all those who are busy but like to take care of their health, we have created a product that combines "health and speed". Granolas hand-baked in our factory with the addition of honey and bee pollen.

Granola - what is it?

It is a combination of breakfast cereals with dried fruits and nuts, baked until crispy. It's a perfect idea for a quick and healthy breakfast, and the ingredients it contains provide an excellent dose of energy for the whole day.

Granola with honey and bee pollen - our flavors

Our granola comes in two flavors ( gluten-free and full of gluten :-)):

  • with freeze-dried raspberry, acacia honey and bee pollen
  • with hazelnuts, heather honey and bee pollen

Personally, I most recommend granola with raspberry . I love it for the brilliant combination of tart raspberry and sweet acacia honey, and the added walrus salt highlights this combination of flavors. Moreover, it is a great option for people following a gluten-free diet , because its main ingredient is millet flakes .

Granola with freeze-dried raspberry, acacia honey and bee pollen

Granola with hazelnuts has a completely different taste. The heather nectar honey contained in it strongly emphasizes the nutty character of the granola. Heather honey is very aromatic and has a distinctive taste. The basis of this granola are oat flakes baked with sunflower seeds, coconut chips and bee pollen .

Why are our granolas so special? Because their secret is #DobrySkład . The majority of granola compositions are natural additives full of vitamins (bee pollen, nuts, raspberries, etc.). This is what distinguishes us from the competition. In addition, we use natural honey , the highest quality olive oil and sea salt to bake granola.

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