świece z węzy pszczelej

Eco candles made of beeswax

Today's entry will be short and very to the point. I would like to share with you information about the introduction of our new product. Starting today you can buy Eco Candles from Bee Hose.

Eco Candle made of beeswax

Eco Candles from Bee Hose - how they are made

The candles are made in our factory and are handmade and labeled by our Małgosia. We like to twist them. Wrapping such candles is a lot of fun and is very relaxing. Not to mention the wonderful, very intense honey-propolis scent.

The candles burn evenly until the very end. They come in two variants:

  • 1 piece
  • 2 pieces (set)

Benefits of burning ecological candles

I have already mentioned on the blog the benefits of burning such candles, but below I will list the most important information once again:

  • they burn smokelessly
  • they are 100% ecological, made of natural beeswax (only with certificate)
  • cleanse the air of impurities and dust
  • they have a soothing and relaxing effect on our senses
  • smoked 15 minutes before going to bed in the bedroom, they support restful sleep
eco candle made of beeswax
Eco Candle with Bee Hose - 2 pcs.

It's worth having such a candle in your home. I invite you to our store.

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