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What is bee bread?

What is bee bread? While everyone knows honey , bee bread is the product we are talking about much fewer people know. This natural product coming straight from the hive has invaluable health properties in the human diet. Before I list the health benefits of introducing bee bread into our daily diet, it is worth finding out how it is produced.

Bee bee bread straight from the apiary
Bee bread in a jar

What is bee bread?

When flying out of the hive for nectar, a flying bee also collects bee pollen , which is a source of protein in the bee family's diet. In the summer, there is enough pollen and the bee can replenish the shortage at any time. The matter becomes more complicated when winter approaches or it is cold. Then the bee cannot collect pollen. Preparing for such "worse" days, bees store bee pollen in their cells, combining it with bee enzymes, honey and royal jelly. The resulting "pack" is sealed with beeswax. And here something extraordinary happens. In anaerobic conditions, lactic fermentation occurs - silage is produced, i.e. bee bread :-). Bees, just like people, prepare silage for winter :-). Pierzga are pickled cucumbers :-).

The resulting bee bread is a source of protein but also a carrier of vitamins and valuable minerals for both bees and humans. Obtaining it straight from the hive is quite fun for a beekeeper. It is difficult to "gouge" it. Moreover, when obtaining bee bread, the beekeeper must demonstrate great knowledge so as not to harm the bees.

The role of the beekeeper after collecting bee bread from the hive.

From the moment the bee bread is collected from the hive, it is important for the beekeeper to properly prepare the bee bread before it reaches us, the consumers. Improper preservation and storage of bee bread will result in the nesting of dust mites and moths. I warn against purchasing bee bread in a plastic bag . Both bee pollen and bee bread should be stored in a glass jar (to preserve their nutritional properties and avoid spoilage). Moreover, I do not recommend purchasing already ground bee bread . Why ? because they "weather" valuable properties.

How does pierzga help?

Bee bee bread is a huge amount of NATURAL vitamins , non-synthetic (created in a laboratory). It is a carrier of numerous minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sodium and zinc . Additionally, it contains the following vitamins; A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, P, PP. Such a wealth of micronutrients has an extremely positive effect on our body. Vitamin B itself provides a whole range of benefits - it supports the nervous and immune systems, muscle regeneration and helps maintain healthy skin and hair.

Its main advantage is very quick absorption and efficiency. After just a few days of taking just a teaspoon a day , your well-being improves. You feel a sudden surge of vitality, improved mood and energy to act. It is not without accident that it is used to treat drug-resistant depression . It quickly improves blood supply to the entire body, including the brain. Personally, I appreciate it for the effective treatment of incontinence in women, improvement of concentration and effective fight against anemia.

The biggest resistance to buying bee bread is its high price and lack of knowledge how to use it . The dizzying price is due to the very limited amount of bee bread and the time it takes to extract it.

As for how to consume bee bread, below are some rules that will help you effectively introduce it into your daily diet.

Bee bee bread dosage
Bee bee bread in Apitherapy - dosage.

How to use bee bread

The most important thing to remember is to soak the bee bread for at least 30 minutes before eating . Why ? Because only after thorough dissolution do we absorb all the precious values ​​contained in it. It is best to use it first thing in the morning, before a meal. The taste of bee bread resembles resins. It is not a delicacy, but with the addition of a teaspoon of honey and warm water it has a tolerable taste :-). You can also add it to freshly squeezed juice.

Another important issue is the need to take breaks from use. We take it as a treatment for a month and then a 2-week break. The daily dose for an adult is 50 g . Do not exceed the recommended daily dose because you may overdose. Symptoms of an overdose include stomach pain and diarrhea.

Where to buy bee bread?

When buying bee bread, you should pay special attention to the choice of apiary. It is best if the beekeeper has several years of experience and a reputation in obtaining bee bread . Personally, I am of the opinion that one apiary cannot specialize in everything, i.e. in extracting high-quality honey, bee pollen, bee bread, etc. Why? Because any interference by a beekeeper in the life of bees (and obtaining bee products is a simple confiscation of their property :-)) causes the balance of the life of the bee family to be disturbed. Therefore, a responsible beekeeper, caring for the health and longevity of the bee family, should not excessively use its harvest.

Unfortunately, just like honey, bee bread is increasingly often counterfeited. Therefore, be vigilant and watch out where you shop.

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