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Bryła Miodu - personal brand since 2016

Surely you have often wondered whether the honey you want to buy is 100% real, natural and from a good source? When a neighbor beekeeper offers his honey, doesn't he mix it with fructose-glucose syrup? Or maybe the bees were fed sugar at the wrong time and then turned it into honey?

How are you supposed to know all this? You trust that since "Your beekeeper neighbor" deals with such a noble profession as caring for bees, he offers you unadulterated products.
Unfortunately, trade inspection studies show that honey is second on the list of most frequently counterfeited food products!

Bryły miodu - a personal brand since 2016, created out of love for the taste of honey and passion for beekeeping. This is a place where you feel you can shop safely.

I gained my knowledge at the Private Vocational Training Center in Warsaw in the field of Beekeeping - conducting beekeeping production (RL.03 qualification) . I use the acquired skills so that you, dear customer, can feel that what you receive from my online store is real and selected from the best apiaries.

He adheres to the principle that there is always a shortage of good honey and there is never enough of it. The real product, i.e. created entirely by bee families, is created in small apiaries. Very often, these places have their own history and are run from generation to generation. You will learn some of these stories on my blog.

Different regions in Poland (but not only) have a different utility base. It is the raw material from which the bee will produce a specific type of honey. In my online store you will find everything in one place... Honey from the Lower Silesian Forests, honey from Roztocze or honey from Podhale, etc.

Only high-quality bee products go into the jar with the Bryła Miodu logo - a personal brand since 2016. Our products are tested by food laboratories and meet the highest quality and safety standards.

I invite you to enjoy their taste.


Ewelina Mikicka

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