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BRYŁA MIODU Winner of the KUKBUK Recommends competition

Dear Honey Eaters,

Bryła Miodu is the winner of the Kukbuk Recommends competition. We are very pleased to announce that BRYŁA MIODU has received the KUKBUK Poleca golden egg and the KUKBUK Poleca quality certificate.
Our brand was noticed and the product GINGER POWER - warming linden honey with ginger, received an award.

What is Kukbuk Recommends?

KUKBUK Poleca directs its competition to local producers, craftsmen and owners of agritourism farms. In addition, the magazine distinguishes food producers who share their passion and create unique products. These products make our lives more beautiful.

Jury deliberations Kukbuk Recommends

Last year, under the patronage of TVN STYLE, an honorary jury met at the Bi farm, including Anna Nowak-Ibisz, Lara Gessrel, Maciej Nowak and many others. We decided to take part in the competition and sent honey of our own recipe. Out of 450 products sent by 230 Polish companies, our brand was awarded in its category "from the field and from the water" .

Ginger Moc is the best among honeys.

Ginger power is the honey of our original recipe. We have created a product by combining only or as many as two ingredients :-). See for yourself how Kukbuk Poleca magazine describes our Ginger Power:

"Awarded for the brilliantly simple combination of linden honey, which our ancestors ate, and fresh ginger from Asia, which appears more and more often in contemporary Polish cuisine. Only two ingredients, but how powerful they are!"

Kukbuk Recommends Certificate

This award means a lot to us and rewards our daily work. Additionally, it gives us a dose of motivation to continue working and developing.

We are grateful to the entire Kukbuk Poleca jury, but also to our loyal customers.

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