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Large honey bag

Large honey bag

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Large honey bag

The honey bag is made of 100% raw cotton in a natural ecru color. At the top, it is equipped with stitching through which a string in the same color is passed. When tightened, it closes the bag and creates a comfortable handle. The bag holds one jar of honey with a volume of 0.7 l.

The honey bag is a completely natural and ecological product. No chemical dyeing was used in its production, and no plastic elements were added.

Raw cotton honey bag

The bag is made of raw cotton with a plain weave. This material is commonly used for sewing health-promoting pillow covers, as well as for the production of ecological pouches and bags. It is also perfect as a painting canvas and material for all kinds of decorations. Cotton is also used in furniture and footwear.

The raw fabric is a natural, undyed material. It is not subjected to any softening processes. The material contains naturally occurring organic contaminants that make it unique.

Great gift packaging

The honey bag is decorated with the name and logo of our store embroidered with black thread. Thanks to this, it looks aesthetic and professional. We pack our gift sets in such bags, but there is nothing stopping the customer from creating their own sets of products as a gift for a loved one. A bag will definitely be appropriate packaging in this case.

The bag is not just for a gift

As we have already mentioned, a honey bag is an excellent packaging for beekeeping products. A gift wrapped in this way looks elegant and impressive. After using the honey, the bag can be used for many other things because it is not a disposable product. By purchasing it, you gain an additional bag, which you can never have too many at home, and you consciously care for the environment.

Washing the bag

The inscriptions and logos placed on the product were created using the embroidery technique. They do not dye or fade. The bag can be washed with mild detergents.



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