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Honey Immunity Kit

Honey Immunity Kit

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        Immunity Set

        The Immunity Set offered in our store consists of three bee products whose task is to increase the body's immunity in the autumn and winter.

        Set value: PLN 172

        Set contents:

        1. Linden Honey 700 g
        2. Ginger Power 700 g
        3. Bee Pollen 0.5 kg
        4. Cotton honey bag
        5. Dipper with engraving (honey spoon)

        1. Lime honey

        Linden honey is considered the best nectar honey. The linden tree blooms at the turn of June and July, attracting bees with a pleasant aroma that we can later admire ourselves. Linden honey has many health-promoting properties. These include, among others, antibacterial, expectorant, diaphoretic and antipyretic effects.

        1. Honey Ginger Power

        Ginger Power is an effective combination of nectar linden honey with a large dose of fresh ginger. Perfect for warming up and helping to fight infections. It has a diaphoretic and expectorant effect. It is used during colds and when the body is weakened. Linden honey contains about 300 different chemical substances, the main ones being: glucose and fructose, sucrose, water and a wide range of micronutrients.

        1. Bee pollen

        Bee pollen is collected by bees from the flowers of various plant species. It takes the form of small balls that are brought to the hive. Each ball consists of several tens of thousands of molecules originating from, among others, medicinal plants. For this reason, bee pollen is an increasingly appreciated health-promoting agent.

        Bee pollen helps in the treatment of, among others: anemia, chronic hepatitis, metabolic disorders, elevated cholesterol, prostate and diabetes.

        1. Honey bag

        The honey bag with the logo and name of our store is made of raw cotton. A string threaded through the top allows you to close it and create a kind of handle. The bag is intended for carrying and storing jars of honey.

        1. Dipper with engraving

        The honey dipper has such a distinctive shape that it cannot be confused with any other kitchen utensil. It is a several-centimeter long scoop whose smooth handle is decorated with an engraving with the name of our store and ends in a cylindrical shape with horizontal cuts of quite large depth. This design of the scoop means that the liquid honey flows slowly, so it can be spread evenly and measured precisely.



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