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Bryła Miodu

Honey Gourmet Set

Honey Gourmet Set

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Gourmet set

The Gourmet Set consists of three jars of honey with the addition of citrus fruits and spices, creating a unique taste while maintaining their health-promoting properties.

Set value: PLN 173

Set contents

1. Honey with orange and ginger 700 g

2. Honey with lime and ginger 700 g

3. Ginger Power 700 g - linden honey with a lot of ginger

4. Honey bag

5. Dipper with engraving (honey spoon)

  1. Honey with orange and ginger

Honey with orange and ginger is a perfect combination of high-quality multi-flower honey with fresh orange and ginger, creating a taste similar to that of popular candies on the market. It is consumed as an adjuvant in the treatment of colds, respiratory infections and diseases resulting from reduced immunity. The product of bees' work also contains a large dose of silicon, which is the building block of strong blood vessels, and also affects the perfect appearance of the skin, hair and nails.

  1. Honey with lime and ginger

Honey with lime and ginger is a product created according to our recipe. It has refreshing and warming properties. This is high-quality multi-flower honey with the addition of lime and fresh ginger.


multifloral nectar honey 95%,
lime juice 3%,
grated ginger 2%
  1. Ginger Power - honey with ginger

Ginger Power is an innovative combination of nectar linden honey with a large dose of fresh ginger. The product perfectly warms up and helps fight infections. Moreover, linden flower pollen contained in honey has a diaphoretic and expectorant effect. Recommended especially during colds and when the body is weakened.

Linden honey contains about 300 different chemical substances, the main ones being: glucose and fructose, sucrose and water. Honey also contains a wide selection of micronutrients, including: essential oil, flavonoids (hesperetin, hesperidin, rutin, isoquercitrin and tiliaroside), tiliacin glycoside, triterpene compound taraxerol, tannins and saponins.

  1. Honey bag

The honey bag is made of pure raw cotton in a natural color. The upper part is equipped with stitching through which strings are passed. When tightened, they create a comfortable grip. The bag holds one jar of honey. The decoration is a print presenting the name and logo of the "Bryła Miodu" store.

  1. Honey dipper

A honey dipper is a tool made of carefully processed hardwood for drawing honey from a jar without dripping or leaving stains on the table top. By using a dipper, also known as a scoop, honey stick or honey stick, you will forget about the nightmare of sticky hands when eating sweet and delicious honey.

The honey dipper is engraved with the name of our store.



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