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Honeydew honey from the Beskid Wyspowy

Honeydew honey from the Beskid Wyspowy

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Honey from coniferous honeydew from the Beskid Wyspowy

Honey with the scent of the forest

It was not made from nectar collected by bees from flowers growing in the meadow, but from honeydew, also called honey dew. Coniferous honeydew honey is wood sap processed by aphids, midges and honeybees, left on the needles of spruce, larch, fir and other trees growing in the coniferous forests of the Beskid Wyspowy. Therefore, we can easily smell the forest, fragrant scent of resin and pine needles.

Coniferous honeydew honey is more valuable than nectar honey

Honeydew honey has a mild taste and a dark color with a greenish or gray tint. It is rather not sweet, sometimes even bitter and sour. Its chemical composition, and therefore its health properties, depend on the time in which the honeydew was collected from coniferous trees. In general, however, it can be said that coniferous honeydew honey contains more organic acids, enzymes and antibiotic substances than popular nectar honeys. It also has a large number of bioelements, so it is an ideal complement to a balanced diet and a valuable alternative to artificial dietary supplements.

Honeydew honey is generally more expensive than nectar honey. This is due to the fact that honeydew occurs quite rarely, even once every few years. Moreover, due to its high viscosity and weight, it is much more difficult for beekeepers to obtain than the popular nectar honey.

Health effects of honeydew honey

Coniferous honeydew honey from the forests of the Beskid Wyspowy Mountains is characterized by antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. For this reason, it is often used for colds and pneumonia. Due to the fact that it also contains a large amount of flavonoids, it supports the circulatory system and the heart and prevents atherosclerosis. It is worth using honeydew honey in case of nervous system disorders and joint problems. Its detoxifying properties make it an excellent support for people working in harmful conditions and using steroid therapy.

Coniferous honeydew honey also supports the fight against anemia, asthma and kidney stones. It allows you to get rid of the problem of constipation, diarrhea, neurosis, heart disease and digestive tract problems. It also contains a lot of antioxidants that fight free radicals that accelerate cell aging.

The storage conditions

Store in a dry, cool place.
It crystallizes naturally.

Origin of coniferous honeydew honey

Coniferous honeydew honey comes from the apiary with veterinary number no. 5 located in Słopnice (near Limanowa) in the Beskid Wyspowy.

More about the origin of honey here.

The storage conditions:

Store in a dry, cool place.
It crystallizes naturally.


packaging: glass jar

weight: 400g, 700g

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