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Multifloral Summer Honey

Multifloral Summer Honey

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Honey harvest: VI. 2023

Traditional honey with a large variety of pollen, so it is recommended for people struggling with early spring allergies. Perfect for everyday use. It is also perfect for baking cakes or making liqueurs.


Summer multi-flower honey

Multifloral honey is a bee product composed of the substances of flowers of many types of plants. Unlike in the case of linden , acacia or buckwheat honey, if multifloral honey is to be created, a larger number of plant species are needed. Such diversity gives it a unique and unique taste and smell.

Honey of two seasons

Multifloral honey has properties depending on the period in which the pollen was collected. The spring one is light in color and has a slightly sweet taste, while the one picked in the summer has a strong aroma, sweetness and a darker color.

It is not without reason that we call this honey the honey of a thousand flowers. Unlike specialized honey, this diverse bee product contains the richness of the entire Polish flora. Our jar receives honey made from nectar collected in orchards, forests, meadows and fields. Honey has a pleasant smell and is perfectly sweet. For this reason, it is often used as a tea sweetener, an addition to a piece of cake or an ingredient of Christmas gingerbread.

Multifloral honey - health benefits

Multifloral honey collected at the end of summer or autumn, in addition to its strong taste, has many antibacterial properties. It contains more enzymes and bioelements than spring honey. It is consumed as an aid in the treatment of colds, respiratory infections and diseases resulting from reduced immunity. Honey also contains a large dose of silicon, which is the building block of strong blood vessels, and also contributes to the perfect appearance of the skin, hair and nails.

Honey is particularly used in cases of allergic diseases. The effectiveness is determined by the diversity of pollen antigens included in it. It is used in allergic diseases of the respiratory tract, such as bronchial asthma, hay fever and pollinosis.

Nutritional values ​​in 100g of the product

Energy value 1416/333
Carbohydrates 83
sugars 72
Protein 0.5

The storage conditions

Store in a dry, cool place.
It crystallizes naturally.


packaging: glass jar

weight: 250g, 400g, 700g

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Bardzo pyszny miodzik w super cenie! Gorąco polecam :)


Serdecznie polecam ,świetna cena za dobrą jakość.