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Wooden honey dipper

Wooden honey dipper

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        Wooden Honey Dipper

        The wooden honey dipper is made of carefully processed hardwood. This is a popular tool for drawing honey from a jar without dripping and leaving stains on the table top and floor. The dipper is also known as a scooper or honey stick. Thanks to it, you will forget about the nightmare of sticky hands accompanying the consumption of sweet and delicious honey. Without the problems associated with dripping a more or less thick liquid, you can transfer, for example, our linden honey from a jar to a sandwich, to a glass of tea or mineral water to prepare a refreshing drink. You will be able to indulge in your sweet tooth and forget about the cleanup afterward.

        Wooden honey dipper - well-thought-out design

        The honey dipper has a characteristic shape - on a long, smooth handle with a round cross-section with the name of our store placed on it, there is a cylindrical tip with deep, horizontal cuts. Thanks to them, the honey collected from the jar stops and flows slower. This means that we can transport our bit of sweetness to its destination without annoying dripping or leaving traces. There is nothing stopping you from using the scoop to mix drinks, e.g. aromatic tea sweetened with honeydew honey purchased in our store.

        A wooden honey dipper for ecologically minded people

        Our honey dipper is made of hardwood. It was carefully smoothed and no impregnating agents were used in its production. Therefore, it is chemically neutral and we can use it without worrying about changing the taste of honey. By deciding to purchase a bucket, you are making a conscious consumer choice, thanks to which you have a real impact on the natural environment. Producing accessories from wood leaves a minimal carbon footprint, which means it emits less carbon dioxide. These are environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable products.

        Washing the honey dipper

        The honey dipper can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher using any detergent intended for dishes.



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