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Acrylic honey dipper

Acrylic honey dipper

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Acrylic honey dipper

In your home kitchen, it is worth having the right tools that will allow you to fully enjoy the sweet taste of honey. One of the basic ones is an acrylic honey dipper. It is a dozen or so centimeters long object whose smooth handle ends in a cylindrical shape with horizontal cuts of quite a large depth. This design of the scoop means that the liquid honey flows slowly from it, which allows it to be spread evenly. The honey dipper is made of high-quality acrylic.

Acrylic honey dipper - collecting honey without dripping

By using a scoop, which is also called a scoop, honey stick or honey stick, you will forget about the discomfort of sticky hands that often accompanies eating a sweet delicacy. Without the problems associated with dripping viscous liquid, regardless of its density, you will transfer honey from the jar precisely to where you need it: onto a sandwich, into a glass of tea or mineral water. You will be able to enjoy the sweetness without suffering the consequences of removing sticky stains from the table top.

The honey dipper can also be used to mix drinks, e.g. refreshing lemonade sweetened with multifloral honey purchased in our store.

Acrylic honey dipper - safety and cleanliness

Our honey dipper is made of plastic approved for direct contact with food. Therefore, acrylic does not react with honey, does not affect its taste and is completely chemically neutral towards it.

The bucket can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. You can use any detergent intended for dishes without fear of deforming it or scratching the surface.



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